31 July 2011

update 399

Wolfboy is watching a documentary about Metis fishermen on Lake Winnipeg (it's on Radio-Canada in Montreal) and thinking that his heart will forever belong in at least two different places now.

23 July 2011

Update 539b

‎"Winnipeg, city with double the violent crime rate of most others, alive like a blight on the mental acreage of all who ever wintered there. Where are the Kildonans of our yesteryear? Where the McClungs and the Peguis? Who will be our Riel, locked away mad, now when we need(ed) him most?" -- Anon

01 July 2011

Winnipeg Folk Festival Sculpture

The Winnipeg Folk Festival asked me to make them a piece of art to commemorate their volunteers. We came up with this tree design where the engraved leaves celebrate the diffferent groups of volunteers. The piece is made of raw, recycled steel with stainless steel leaves. Look for it back stage at the festival this year!