28 October 2012

Reminder from the subconscious to be courageous and communicate.

    Dreaming feels like some kind of automated function, meant to sort out my mind while I sleep. Last nights' self-programming-lesson reminded me how lucky I am to be able to express myself without the absolutely crippling fear of being misunderstood, different, weak or excluded. I think that's what makes me an artist; not just painting and drawing.
    Of course it's not easy to risk feeling like a fool or revealing my frailty. Men in particular are 'supposed to be tough'. But if you think of it, what's tougher than emoting, admitting your weakness in defiance of all these things we're supposed to be?
    And for that matter, what's the point of existence if you can't relay what it feels like? Our isolation is programmed for the interests of commercial materialism and control. I think telling each other how we feel, breaking from the "normal", breaking from the the isolation, might be an important part on our path to salvation as people and as a species. The internet is an extraordinary opportunity in that way.

The blog is an interesting/unique part of that phenomena. Let's keep it going!