25 February 2011

17 February 2011


He sleeps at the centre of our apartment
Synthesizes us from room to room
His toes poke through the fibres
Of our very souls

The pouring rain it soothes me,
Everything so green and lush.
With no fortunes found in paradise
It leaves us cold out in the wet.

So wake up and start your day,
Wake up, hip hip hoorah
Wake up to those skies of grey
Wake up, today's the day

15 February 2011


at the battle of known,
in the land of maybe:

dueling shoulds and coulds
swallowed whole
the wanting ifs
trenched between ever and how
vulnerable foil
to never and now.

10 February 2011

Art Project by Google

holy crap, check this link out:

google art project

search a bunch of art galleries using google mapping system...super duper close-ups on paintings. wowowoowowowo!!!

03 February 2011