21 April 2011


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The Sobey Art Award 2011 Long List:

Zeke Moores
Kym Greeley
John Haney
Michael Flaherty
Becka Viau
Jérôme Havre
Chris Kline
Emmanuel Licha
Nadia Myre
Manon De Pauw

Aleesa Cohene
Christian Giroux and Daniel Young
Derek Sullivan
Gareth Long
Josh Thorpe
Prairies and the North:
Denton Fredrickson
Sarah Anne Johnson
Dave and Jenn
Wally Dion
Dominique Rey
West Coast: 
Sonja Ahlers
James Nizam
Helen Reed
Charles Stankievech
Joseph Tisiga

06 April 2011

Video 2-- Sandra's wedding

Here's another short video, from my cousin Sandra's wedding in May '08, at Lake Winnipeg. This one's only about 250 photos.

West Broadway (west), July-December '07

Here's the first video I've been able to put together (finally), using our work computer in the off-hours. Somewhere around 1000-1100 photos, I think. It's not quite finished (my friend Sean will add some sound, and help me edit a bit, such as getting rid of the duplication at the end and a few rando images that don't quite fit, as well as eliminating the pixelly look-- I'm still figuring out how to use iMovie, so...), but this is sort of the first draft.